Why I Must Oppose Donald Trump: One Priest’s Perspective

I am becoming more convinced that the era of argument is over. Whether in the public sphere, or sadly, even among family and friends, or communities I have witnessed the very swift decline of exchange of ideas, benefit of doubt, and allowance of nuance. I have certainly been guilty of contributing to this decline, perhaps […]

Holy No!

It’s hard to describe just how big a deal Pearl Jam was to guys like me in 1993. I was in college, at a Christian school, sheltered quite a bit from the party life of my high school classmates who attended state schools and private “secular” (Christian culture buzzword) colleges. My friends and I did […]

Tables > Fences

I’m writing this month’s reflection from my in-laws house in Maryland. We come out here every year to celebrate “Christgiving” a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas. You see, my wife is the oldest of seven kids, and at some point the number of spouses and kids made it necessary for us to combine our efforts […]

Cassocks and Costumes

I had a funny experience in my neighborhood the other day. I was getting into my car to head to church. I was wearing the traditional ‘uniform’ of an Orthodox priest – a black robe (called a ‘cassock’) and a cross. While I don’t always wear it everywhere, my neighbors are used to seeing me […]