Holy No!

It’s hard to describe just how big a deal Pearl Jam was to guys like me in 1993. I was in college, at a Christian school, sheltered quite a bit from the party life of my high school classmates who attended state schools and private “secular” (Christian culture buzzword) colleges. My friends and I did […]

Tables > Fences

I’m writing this month’s reflection from my in-laws house in Maryland. We come out here every year to celebrate “Christgiving” a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas. You see, my wife is the oldest of seven kids, and at some point the number of spouses and kids made it necessary for us to combine our efforts […]

Cassocks and Costumes

I had a funny experience in my neighborhood the other day. I was getting into my car to head to church. I was wearing the traditional ‘uniform’ of an Orthodox priest – a black robe (called a ‘cassock’) and a cross. While I don’t always wear it everywhere, my neighbors are used to seeing me […]

Syrian Jesus

Jesus began his earthly life as refugee a migrant under threat suspected, turned away, unwelcome It is no wonder that it was those suspected, turned away, unwelcome that he continued to identify with You shall not oppress the sojourner among you For you were strangers in the land of Egypt The Father commanded The Father […]

Refugees and Us

Today I shared a link on Facebook about the work being done by an excellent organization, International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) with regards to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. First I’ll share that again on here, you should check it out: http://www.iocc.org/countries/countries_syria.aspx After sharing it, there was one phrase that stuck with me: “One of the worst […]

Left, Right

“The Left” “The Right”. Terms I hear often thrown around with such certainty, but which I have yet to hear a clear, consistent definition of. Terms I rarely see used to encourage real discussion, engagement, or dialogue. Terms I’ve never seen used to build consensus. Terms I often see used to divide, demonize, or justify. […]