Refugees and Us

Today I shared a link on Facebook about the work being done by an excellent organization, International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) with regards to the Syrian Refugee Crisis. First I’ll share that again on here, you should check it out:

After sharing it, there was one phrase that stuck with me:

“One of the worst humanitarian and refugee crises in history”

We are all witnessing that, right now, in our world.
As a nation, we are also having our own debate about people coming across our borders, and what to do.

I know its not the same issue, and I’m not equating the plight of refugees fleeing death and destruction in Syria to our immigration question.

But I think spiritually, its connected.

Its connected in how much we pay attention, and in what spirit we foment and perpetuate in our own attitude towards “the other”

Currently I’m working on reading through Isaiah, and the other Prophets. There’s a lot in there that is hard to understand and grasp, to know how to translate into ‘what do I do with this now’.

But I do know this.

There’s a whole lot in the Prophets, and really, in the Bible overall about how a nation regards those who seek refuge in its borders. The “foreigner” is placed right alongside the widow and the orphan.

There’s just no ignoring that.

God help us all. Especially those in desperate need of rescue, food, safe water, shelter, medicine, and hope. God also help all of us to have our hearts broken. Help us to be awake and compassionate to the refugee, the ‘foreigner’, the ‘other’, whether across the world, on our own border, or in our own neighborhood.

Lord have mercy.