Opposing Trump: Six Months Later

Last spring I wrote a blog post “Why I Must Oppose Donald Trump: One Priest’s Perspective”. Many of you reading this are aware that, to my great surprise (and anxiety) it went ‘viral’ over the summer, eventually being picked up by the Washington Post. It was a strange thing to have thousands of people whom […]

Pride and Erasure

As I attempt to listen and learn more about my neighbors who identify as LGBTQ, I must admit a particular stumbling block: Pride. I’m speaking specifically to the adoption and use of “Pride” as a banner, a unifying phrase and public proclamation of solidarity. I admit, my own gut reaction and bias come from my […]

On the Christian Response to the Orlando Shootings

“I am so sick of this! I can’t believe people say those kinds of things!” My fourteen year old son burst through the door, visibly agitated. We could barely discern exactly what he was trying to communicate. But it was certainly urgent, and it appeared to have something to do with social media. “Ugh, more […]