Holy No!

It’s hard to describe just how big a deal Pearl Jam was to guys like me in 1993. I was in college, at a Christian school, sheltered quite a bit from the party life of my high school classmates who attended state schools and private “secular” (Christian culture buzzword) colleges. My friends and I did […]

Castles Burning

This is an essay about the first time I heard Neil Young’s “Live at Massey Hall”. It was on the back patio of my older brother’s house the summer after my first year of seminary. But before I talk about that, I want to fast forward a year later, same place, same brother. The night […]

The Road Poet

There are many things that my wife does better than me. Some of these things I could have predicted before we were married. There are a few things, though, that I always thought would fall into my area of expertise. My wife’s a poet and a writer. I’m a songwriter and musician. We were both […]