No One Takes My Life From Me: On ISIS and Martyrdom

Originally published in the Journal Review “Faith” Section, March 7, 2015 I’m sure many who are reading this are aware of a story from several weeks back about 21 Egyptian men who were killed by the so-called Islamic State. Their deaths made the news, and showed up all over social media because of the public […]

Repentance and the Doctrine of Ray Ray

Pro athletes say stuff. A lot of stuff. And, like pop stars at awards shows, God gets thrown in there on a somewhat regular basis. Its something we’re used to by now. Look, I can’t judge, I was the small town evangelical kid who used to pour through “thank yous” in liner notes (I was […]

Guatemala Reflection #3 – “We Are Your Neighbors”

GUATEMALA REFLECTION #3: We Are Your Neighbors A few years ago, as I was in the midst of my final year at St. Tikhon’s Seminary, I remember Metropolitan Jonah (the OCA Archbishop of Washington, Metropolitan of All America and Canada) made a surprise visit to our choir practice. He unassumingly entered the room, our backs […]