My version of “Imagine” doesn’t erase heaven, or even religion.

I Imagine, and actually believe, maybe naively, that most people just want to live peaceably, raise their families and worship freely (if they are people of faith).

I Imagine that most people (of faith or not) are actually generous and compassionate if given the chance.

I Imagine that if enough of us stood up and spoke out against the tyrants and cowards who so often claim they speak for us, then they would lose the power they think they have.

Lord have mercy.

I will not buy into the rhetoric that “all muslims secretly are planning to kill us and take over” any more than I will buy into the line that “religion is the cause for all the problems and wars in the world” or “All Christians are judgmental hypocrites”.

I Imagine better.

I Imagine more people see the world as this man does.

I Imagine there are exponentially more people like him than the cowards who wield the sword against men, women, children, neighbors, journalists who are ‘different’ than them, and subjugate others under their false power.

I am overwhelmingly sad for the state of the world right now, especially in Iraq and Syria. But I cannot give in to hatred, which leads to forgetfulness of what I believe and imagine are the many. That hatred only serves to fuel the cause of the few, who, in the end, will not be victorious. This I don’t just imagine. This I know for certain.

Pray, brothers and sisters, pray. And imagine.