Judas and the Harlot

Saved Together

The halfway point of Orthodox Christian Holy Week begins, really, on Tuesday evening, with the Matins of Holy Wednesday. One of the characteristics of Holy Week is the way time is turned “upside down”. If immersed in the services, in contemplation of the events remembered, it sets a unique tone, which very much begins to feel “outside of time”. There is a disequilibrium that almost puts one into the place of those following Jesus during that week in Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago. Events moved quickly for them. There were late nights, early mornings and unbelievable things happening. Holy Week is a remembering of this, and a re-living of it every year. So, every evening service is really an anticipation of the next day. We celebrate Pascha at the earliest possible point (beginning late in the evening on Saturday into the early morning hours on Sunday) for the sake of…

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