more posts to come soon… for now…

if you’re interested in songs I’ve written, they’re up for listening and downloading (free or donation) at http://www.joeldavidweir.bandcamp.com

if you’re interested in Orthodox Christianity, check out http://www.oca.org, or listen to some great chant/podcasts at http://www.ancientfaith.com.

if you’re near Crawfordsville and want to more about the community of St. Stephens, check out http://www.sstfm.org

if you’re into peacemaking, check out http://www.incommunion.org or http://www.cpt.org

if you want to read a real blog, check out http://handmaiden4peace.blogspot.com/

if you’re into urban gardening, check out http://fiacresjournal.blogspot.com/

if you’re into the gospel, go meet your neighbor